He’s my Superman….

In today’s world there are so many stories of couples or families breaking up or work gossip about what they hate about their spouse.  “He didn’t do this! I can’t believe it!”  “She should have done this!”…… I wanted to change that up a little bit by letting everyone know what I love about my guy and why he’s adored.

1. He makes me giggle……  There isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t laughing like school kids. I’m not talking about snickers… I mean full-out belly hurts cause we are laughing so hard. Whether it be over something silly one of us has said, the faces he makes, the sarcasm, the jokes…. everyday….laughing.

2. His heart of gold…. he is the type of person who will give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. One day we were riding down the road and we saw this woman pulled off the side, crying, 3 small girls with her and she was about 7 months pregnant.  He turns the car around and goes to help.  We wound up putting all the girls and the mom in the car with me, while he chased a snake out of her vehicle.

3. His OCD…… or CDO, in the order it should be.  He doesn’t believe in doing anything unless he does it 110%.  Even down to extension cords or rope being just so before he puts them back in place.  His term: “I hate me sometimes.”

4. His love for his mom…..he talks to her almost daily, even if it’s just through texts….just to make sure she is ok.  They laugh together and joke around all the time.

5. His amazing kitchen skills……He is a great cook….and loves to do it.  We usually cook together and share the tasks.  But the fact that he loves to do it makes it even better.

6. He lets me be me……. There is no pretending with us.  We don’t have to try to be someone we are not, we don’t have to be prim and proper.  We are who we are and that’s the best.

Yep, he’s a keeper…. He’s my Superman

Superman_shieldphoto:  www.rogerebert.com


Summer Reading List

summer reading list

We all know that summer is usually a time of fun and sun. One of my favorite things to do is relax with a good book. Here are some books that I am hoping to read this summer. The photo above is where I will be spending most of my free time reading…… what could be better?????



1. A Game of Thrones:  I just finished this one.  I don’t know why it took me so long to start it!  You can see my review here and here.

2. A Clash of Kings:  The 2nd book in the Song of Fire & Ice series…. yes, I started it immediately after finishing the first.

3. Outlander:  Again…. it takes me a long time to get on the “band wagon” with what everyone is reading.  I am determined to read this one.

4. Middlesex: I think this one is to start conquering the “list of books I should read”.

5. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: I have seen previews to the movie and have been wanting to read this one well before it came out in theaters.

6. Villette: This is one that has been on my list to read for EVER…. not to mention it will mark one more off the 1001 books to read before you die.

7. American Gods:  It’s Neil Gaiman!!

Now back to the Kings & Queens & Lords and Ladies!!

Why Empty Nest are a Blankety-Blank!

empty bird nest

A lot of my friends have children at home and I hear them complaining about having to “go to cheerleading practice”; “I hate going to baseball practice in January”; “I never have time to do MY things because of the kids schedule!”  Well, I’m here to tell you and them….enjoy every minute of it and stop complaining.

That being said, I can remember times when I would get frustrated tying to keep up with two different sets of practices and ball games. They would have practice or games at completely different times on completely different fields on completely opposite sides of town.  My house was constantly full of boys rough housing with each other, I would fix dinner for at least 5-6 boys at a time and I would wake up in the mornings and step over boys sleeping in my living room floor.  Those were some of the best times.

So why are Empty Nest a Blankety-Blank??

  1. Cooking for one SUCKS!  Have you ever tried to cook lasagna for one person?  I cooked for growing boys for so long, that my typical lasagna dish grows penicillin before it can be eaten.
  2. The house is soooo quiet: Have you ever really noticed how many noises a house can make at night?  I’m wondering if Stephen King is hiding in my house somewhere at times.
  3. My door never opens: When I get home from work, my door never re-opens until the next morning.  As the boys were growing up, it was like I had a twirling door, you know one of those that spins in circles and never completely closes.
  4. My driveway is empty:  Only one car now.  Again, when the boys hit the driving years, my driveway looked like a used car lot. There was always a driveway full of cars, so much so that I contemplated putting up a dealership sign.

Some good things about an Empty Nest?

  1. Laundry:  I only have to do laundry once a week if that, and only one or two loads. As they were growing up, I think I could have made millions if I had just bought stock in Tide laundry detergent…. just from what I bought!
  2. Grocery bill: My grocery bill went from $300 a week, to maybe $50 a week.  After all, I’m not feeding a baseball team anymore.
  3.  I can be a girl: I can leave bras and panties where ever I want!  I don’t even have to wear any if I don’t want to.

While you are wishing for the days that you don’t have to go to practices, plays, dance recitals or games, please step back and think how fast your children have grown from the day they were born.  The days where all of this you are complaining about and not wanting to do will be over a lot faster than you think……and trust me, you will miss it.